Centers for Leadership

As a leader in the region and in higher education, W&J College supports a variety of initiatives that provide you with opportunities to get involved with issues you care about. Our sustainability, energy policy and management, and entrepreneurship opportunities connect you with your community and the world.

Associate Professor of the English Tara Robbins Fee, Ph.D., works with students as seen October 21, 2019 during the Creosote Affects photo shoot at Washington & Jefferson College.

Center for Ethical Leadership

Our Center for Ethical Leadership supports college-wide opportunities for students to become changemakers in their professions and communities. Regardless of majors or fields of students, our faculty ensure that students become proficient in identifying and critically examining ethical issues. Learn more about the Center for Ethical Leadership.

Assistant Professor of History David Kieran, Ph.D., talks with students in the Clark Family Library as seen October 21, 2019 during the Creosote Affects photo shoot at Washington & Jefferson College.

Center for Professional Pathways

Washington & Jefferson College is known for preparing students to excel in careers ranging from medicine and law to technology and the arts. We call this professional readiness - the result of a progressive set of experiences that begin when you first arrive on campus and continue throughout your four years of education. The Center for Professional Pathways will support you in discerning your interests, sharpening your skills, and pursuing your long-term dreams.

Guests visit for tours at Ignite's first open house, June 8, 2021 on the campus of Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, Pa.

Leading Entrepreneurship

The Ignite Business Incubator and Co-Working Space is a 4,000 square foot facility designed to empower existing businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance the culture and sustainability of Washington County. More than providing physical space, Ignite’s programming ensures a holistic approach to a business’s future. Washington and Jefferson College’s investment in Ignite offers a curricular integration by aligning with the business and entrepreneurial studies program. This integrated approach enables students to not only fulfill their practicum requirement but to gain real life experiences.


The Forest Ecology class does field work in Abernathy Field Station

Leading Energy Policy

Fostering collaborative conversations between industry, science, and government, the Center for Energy Policy and Management provides opportunities for education and research about energy, economic growth, and the environment. 

Leading Sustainability

Brining together the values of sustainability, service, and education, the Sustainability Committee promotes sustainability-related initiatives on campus and in the community. It is an active example of ethical leadership and collaboration on campus to protect and improve local and global stewardship of the environment.  

W&J President John C. Knapp, Ph.D., interviews the afternoon keynote speaker Nathan Law, a young activist for democracy in Hong Kong, in the James David Ross Family Recreation Center during the Symposium on Democracy February 17, 2020 at Washington & Jefferson College.

Symposium on Democracy

The Symposium on Democracy was established at Washington & Jefferson College in 2018 during the first year of John C. Knapp's presidency. Held in February during the week of Presidents Day, the Symposium seeks to explore deeper angles and perspectives of issues that impact democracy and the way it functions around the world.

W&J’s Black Student Union hosted a Celebration of Black Lives to honor those who lost their lives to racial injustice on September 27, 2020 at the amphitheater outside of the Technology Center on the campus of Washington & Jefferson College.

Social Justice

W&J proactively prioritizes actions, policies, and practices enabling all to thrive. We do not tolerate behaviors in our college community that fail to accord each person the respect they deserve. At W&J, we believe we have a special responsibility for educating future leaders who are prepared to work for the common good with integrity and compassion.